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STOP Errors are usually the result of a hardware malfunction or device driver issue. It is also possible to receive a Blue Screen Error due to bad system memory, malfunctioning power supply, components overheating, or hardware overclocked beyond its specification. In older versions of the Windows OS you may also receive Blue Screen Errors due to incompatible DLL files.

Since the only option when receiving a Blue Screen Error is to reboot, any unsaved data is lost. With that in mind, it is very important to eliminate these errors to protect your data.

Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting STOP Errors can be a difficult and time consuming process. Try these basic steps to fix your own Blue Scree Error. We hope it will help you avoid an expensive service call and provide a rewarding experience of solving the problem on your own.

Advanced Troubleshooting

The following details are for advanced users. These are provided for your convenience and may help those with advanced knowledge discover the root cause of their STOP Error.


The FLTMGR_FILE_SYSTEM stop error code has a value of 0x000000F5. This indicates that an unrecoverable failure occurred in the Filter Manager.


The following parameters are displayed on the blue screen. Parameter 1 indicates the type of violation. The meaning of the other parameters depends on the value of Parameter 1.

Parameter 1Parameter 2Parameter 3Parameter 4Cause of error
0x66Pointer to the callback data structure for the operation.00The minifilter returned FLT_PREOP_SUCCESS_WITH_CALLBACK or FLT_PREOP_SYNCHRONIZE from a preoperation callback, but did not register a corresponding postoperation callback.
0x67Pointer to the callback data structure for the operation.0Error NTSTATUS code for the operationAn internal object ran out of space, and the system is unable to allocate new space.
0x68Handle for the object.0NTSTATUS code returned by ObReferenceObjectByHandle Unexpected failure referencing an object.
0x6AFile object pointer for the file.00The file-open or file-create request could not be canceled, because one or more handles have been created for the file.
0x6BFrame ID0ThreadInvalid BACKPOCKET IRPCTRL state.
0x6CFrame IDBackPocket ListThreadToo many nested PageFaults for BACKPOCKETED IRPCTR.
0x6DAddress of the minifilter's context structureAddress of the CONTEXT_NODE structure0The context structure was dereferenced too many times. This means that the reference count on the Filter Manager's CONTEXT_NODE structure went to zero while it was still attached to its associated object.

0x6EAddress of the minifilter's context structureAddress of the CONTEXT_NODE structure0The context structure was referenced after being freed.


The cause of the problem is indicated by the value of Parameter 1. See the table in the Parameters section.

Resolving the Problem

If Parameter 1 equals 0x66, you can debug this problem by verifying that your minifilter driver has registered a post-operation callback for this operation. The current operation can be found in the callback data structure. (See Parameter 2.) Use the !fltkd.cbd debugger extension.

If Parameter 1 equals 0x67, you should verify that you do not have a nonpaged pool leak somewhere in the system.

If Parameter 1 equals 0x6A, make sure that your minifilter driver does not reference this file object (see Parameter 2) to get a handle at any point during your minifilter's processing of this operation.

If Parameter 1 equals 0x6B or 0x6C, then a non-recoverable internal state error has occurred which will cause the operating system to stop error code.

If Parameter 1 equals 0x6D, make sure that your minifilter driver does not call FltReleaseContext too many times for the given context (see Parameter 2).

If Parameter 1 equals 0x6E, make sure that your minifilter driver does not call FltReferenceContext after the given context has been deleted (see Parameter 2).

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